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-Kind customers, upon their arrival, are required to register by handing over their identity documents,
and to read these Regulations. If no objections and / or exceptions are raised, this regulation is understood to be fully accepted;

-The reservation will be considered valid as soon as the customer has sent (by bank transfer, debit on credit card) the deposit pursuant to art. 1382 of the Italian Civil Code, equal to 30% of the total cost;
-The customer must pay the balance of the payment upon delivery of the accommodation;
-In the event of stays longer than one month, payment must be made in advance month by month;

-If the customer for any reason intends to terminate the contract he will lose the deposit which in no case will be returned;
-For no reason the days will be reduced in the case of early departure;
-The Guest / Tenant exempts the Lessor from any liability for damage to people and / or things that may occur during the stay;
-The holder of the tourist lease and the cohabitants of the apartment occupy the apartment exclusively for tourist reasons, or to satisfy temporary housing needs;

-The delivery of the accommodation, clean and tidy, will take place between 14.00 and 20.00 on the day of arrival and they must be vacated no later than 11.00 on the day of departure. If the apartments are ready to be used, the Management will, on request, undertake to anticipate delivery;
-The timetable and the methods of delivery of the accommodation must always be agreed in advance with the Management;
-The Customer is required to check upon arrival that the kit of the assigned apartment is intact (and corresponding to the list attached to this regulation). To take utmost care of the property entrusted to him, of the furnishings and domestic appliances, for which delicate detergents are suitable for cleaning (a solution of water and ammonia is recommended);
-Customers are asked to report any deficiencies or breakages to the management within 24 hours of occupation of the accommodation or from the event, in order to avoid that they can later be held responsible;
-The rearrangement and cleaning of the kitchenette is always the responsibility of the customer;
-The cost of general cleaning of the apartment, equal to Euro 30.00, will be charged on departure of the Guest;
-The customer must use only the systems supplied, without making any changes, improvements or additions to the property;
– Any particular requests must be agreed with the Management;

-Small pets are allowed in the Residence, upon release of a deposit of € 200.00. Dear Customers are requested to bring their animal friend to carry out the physiological needs outside the Residence and in the event that they should exceptionally be carried out within the same, they will be duly collected;

– If repairs or maintenance are required, the residence staff or specialized technicians are authorized to intervene after the Management has given prior notice to the Guests;
-There is an absolute ban on occupying the property by people other than those regularly registered. Any exceptions must be agreed in advance with the Management for the necessary legal obligations. The violation, even occasional, of this commitment will result in the termination of the contract, pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code;
– Subletting is expressly prohibited;
-Occasional visits without overnight stay are allowed, unless otherwise agreed between the Tenant and the Management;
– It is strictly forbidden to make barbecues, circulate with bicycles and play with the ball in the free and common spaces of the residence;
– Troublesome noises, cackles, radios and loud televisions are strictly prohibited. Silence must be strictly respected from 14.00 to 16.00 and after 22.00;
-It is absolutely forbidden to deposit various objects and hang linen, beach towels or other clothing on the windowsills of balconies and windows;
– Minors are not allowed unless accompanied by adults for the duration of the stay.

The rent includes:
– consumption costs (water, electricity and gas);
– the use of all the related and connected accessories of furniture, dishes etc. (according to inventory);
– television;
– wireless internet service;
– basic equipment for the first need of household cleaners and personal soap;
– hot-cold air conditioning;
– hairdryer in the bathroom;
-cradle (on request);
– cleaning and tidying the accommodation twice a week;
– bed linen and towels for all the Guests who live in the apartment;
– automatic food vending machine;
– for stays longer than seven days, all linen will be changed every week;
– laundry service;
– on request, and under the responsibility of the user, iron and ironing board are available;
– on request, additional bed.
The Municipality of Rome provides for the separate collection of waste.
The containers for separate collection at home are inside the doors under the kitchen sink; those for periodic collection in special containers placed outside the building.

-The swimming pool of the Residence is for security and insurance reasons only used by Guests staying at the Residence and registered with the Police Headquarters. The minor guest can only access it if accompanied and under the supervision of an adult.

– Complaints must be promptly reported to management;
-The Management is not responsible in any way for values, money and things owned by Sigg. Guests present inside the Residence;
-In case of breakdowns and / or problems inside the accommodation, the Management will intervene promptly to resolve the problem;

-For any disputes and / or for the exact interpretation of these Regulations the parties, in cases where the Consumer Forum is not applicable, elect the Court of Rome Court exclusively.


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